Please Note: This class is open to 4 students Max and spots are limited! 

3-Day Microblading Workshop

The Brow Rehab Training Workshop at the Beauty Bungalows is a 3-day intensive class designed to introduce you to the art of Microblading, so that you may become a working microblading artist. This intensive class, taught by Microblading artist and Brow Rehab owner, Natalie Mitchell  will teach you all aspects of microblading, from profiling clients to drawing eyebrows to consent forms. Not only will she teach you how to build your Microblaiding business, you will leave this class confident and eager to practice and master your new craft.

What to Expect

Day 1: I will introduce you to the Fundamentals of Microblading; Color Theory, Proper Blade handling, Health Department regulations along with many other important things that go along with becoming a certified Microblading Artist.

Day2: Learning how to commission your blade and practicing proper Microblading Hair Stroke techniques. all training materials are provided. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

Day 3: Overview of day 1 & 2 and practicing on a Live Model and Certification! 

Your Kit: You will receive a kit that will supply you with what you need to get started as an artist, from blades to pigment, you will complete this certification prepared to start your new adventures in Microblading! 

No prior experience or license required.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification is Required prior to taking your Microblading Class, a copy must be provided before attending class. You will be required to register as a Body Art practitioner in Orange County, paperwork will be provided in class and a separate fee of $47 made out to OC Health Department will need to be paid by money order the day of class. 

Link to Bloodborne Pathogens training:

This training is extensive, informative and approved by OC Health Department. Cost for Bloodborne Pathogens training is $25 and only takes about an hour, training is online! YAY! 

Cost: The cost of your Microblading class is $3,000 this will cover all three days of training, including in class materials along with your kit. A separate fee of $47 will need to be provided by money order, written out to Orange County Health for your Body Art Practitioner certification, which allows you to practice in Orange County and is required to attend this class. Please contact us at (562) 852-2357 if you are interested in attending. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot. The remaining Balance of $2500 will need to be paid 1 week prior to your registered class date. 


Class Schedule: Februay 10th-12th Class starts at 9am-6pm we will break 1 hour for lunch. If you are unable to attend your Monday Class due to job obligations, we can reschedule your live model demonstration for the following week, however, please note, certification cannot be provided until your 3rd day of training is complete. 

I am eager to teach you what I've learned and can't wait to see you all succeed as a Microblading Artist! Get Excited!!!